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The Minister of the Environment announces audit of the construction in the Noteć Primeval Forest.

“The controversial construction in the Noteć Primeval Forest will be inspected,” said Minister of Environment Henryk Kowalczyk today.

Recent days saw media coverage of the controversial building, which is being constructed on an island in the heart of the Noteć Primeval Forest. It has been also brought to attention that the project was approved by the Regional Director for Environmental Protection in Poznań.

The decision of the Poznań Regional Directorate for Environmental Protection, which stated that under the imposed conditions of the project execution it should not have a significant negative impact on the Natura 2000 area, was issued in April 2015 on the basis of, among others, the report presented by the investor.

“In view of the controversies that arose, I have instructed the Director General for Environmental Protection to initiate an urgent review of the decision-making process. Protection of the environment in Poland is of paramount importance and therefore all proceedings in such cases should be conducted in a transparent manner, leaving no room for doubt,” said Minister Henryk Kowalczyk.

“The audit will start today. I hope that its results will give a clear answer as to the course of the decision-making process which led to allowing this construction to take place,” Minister Kowalczyk stressed.

The audit, which starts today, is supposed to explain the course of proceedings in the Regional Directorate for Environmental Protection in Poznań and give an unambiguous answer to the question regarding the course of the process of issuing the decision on this matter.

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