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The COP24 Logo Is Ready!

The COP24 logo indicates a strong bond between climate and nature, which are interdependent and interweaving phenomena. The logo’s clear colours are a metaphor for green nature and blue climate.

Nature consists above all of forests and soil: saviours of climate thanks to the fact that they capture carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. It also includes renewable energy sources, in particular low-emission geothermal energy.

The sign has been designed in order to depict movement, symbolizing quickly progressing climate change and its relation to nature. The hand closing the sign tries to stop the change and set the events back on the correct course. The hand is a metaphor for climate protection measures that Poland is going to take during the COP24 conference, such as persuading other countries that climate neutrality can be achieved with the CO2 removal by soils and forests.

Moreover, the COP24 logo’s colours match the logotype of the UNFCCC, with which it will often be presented. Simple typography emphasizes the logotype’s modern character. The sign is also a reference to the geographical shape of Poland, the event’s host and a country with rich biodiversity, boasting all native plant and animal species found in that latitude.

“Not only does Poland have rich fuel deposits, but it is also the leader when it comes to reducing the CO2 emissions. Our past achievements in that matter can serve as an example for other countries. They also prove that efficient climate protection can be sustainable, does not have to impinge on a country’s economic interests, and can take into consideration its situation and capacities,” explains Prof. Jan Szyszko, the Minister of Environment.

“By implementing the Kyoto Protocol and other measures, Poland has already proven that it treats climate policy and the ensuing commitments very seriously,” adds Prof. Szyszko. That is confirmed by the fact that Poland is going to host climate convention negotiations for the fourth time, and host the summit for the third time.

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