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Promotion of non-waste coal power indystry at COP22

At the last day of COP22 climate summit, the Polish delegation accompanied by Vice-Minister of Environment, Paweł Sałek, presented the concept of non-waste coal power industry focused on the potential use of ashes i.e. combustion by-products for the production of cement or concrete.

Paweł Sałek, Vice-Minister of Environment, Government Plenipotentiary for Climate Policy, emphasized that ashes may be used as the construction material substitutes.

“Polish government supports such actions. We transform an issue of concern into an opportunity to use the new construction materials” – said the minister. 

Tomasz Szczygielski, PhD in Engineering, from the Warsaw University of Technology pointed out that this Polish concept has the potential to be widely applied in Europe.  

“As of this day, this solution could bring great benefits to power industry and mining and lower the costs or transform the cost into revenue” – explained PhD Szczygielski.

COP22 climate summit

The Paris Agreement which will enter into force in 2020 was adopted during the COP21 climate conference in Paris, in December 2015. It obliges all states to take the actions towards climate protection. The subject-matter of this COP22 summit in Marrakesh is a discussion on the methods of implementation and delivery of the Paris Agreement.

This-year COP22 climate summit is attended by app. 30 thousand of delegates from ca. 200 states, including representatives of science, business, NGOs and environmental organizations.

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