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Planting trees on the occasion of the "Las2017" conference

Professor Jan Szyszko, the Minister of the Environment, together with the Ministers of Environment and Forestry of the pan-European region and the heads of the National Forests Agencies, took part in the planting of trees event on the occasion of the ‘Las2017’ international conference held in Warsaw. The event took place in the Szczęśliwice Park.

As part of the event, the seedlings of the single-seeded hawthorn and mountain-ash have been planted.

‘Forests play a very important role in sustainable development. They absorb CO2, protect biodiversity, and give jobs” – said Minister, Jan Szyszko, during the event.

The Minister also stressed that Poland’s afforestation rate is constantly growing.

‘Currently, forests cover nearly 30 percent of Poland’s territory. We rank 6th in this respect among European Union countries. It has been primarily linked to, among other things, the State Forests being supervised by the Minister of the Environment. Each year, State Forests plant about 500 million new trees, i.e. 1,000 trees per minute’, said Minister, Jan Szyszko.

The tree planting event took place in Warsaw on the occasion of ‘Las2017’, the Joint Session of the UNECE Committee of Forests and the Forest Industry (COFFI), and the FAO European Forestry Commission (EFC).

On ‘Las2017’ Conference

The joint session is held in Poland for the first time. It is a very important event for our country because, in 2017, the 70th anniversary of the UNECE/FAO co-operation is celebrated.

This year’s ‘Las2017’ conference is held under the theme of ‘Forests, our common good’. The Ministers of Environment and Forestry are taking part in the conference dedicated to the forest sector, as well as the representatives of the world of science, of the national and foreign forest industry and the NGOs from more than 50 countries.

The ‘Las2017’ session is accompanied by the celebration of the 4th European Forest Week. Within its framework, Poland has planned a series of events showing the richness of Poland’s nature.

The conference is held in Warsaw on 9-13 October 2017. For more information visit http://las2017.pl/ (This link will open in a new window).

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