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Minister Szyszko: our aim is to present the forest carbon farms to the world

“Forest carbon farms are the proposal of Poland in context of delivery of the Paris Agreement” – said Professor Jan Szyszko, Minister of Environment at the session of the High-Level Segment during the COP22 climate summit in Marrakesh.

During COP22, Minister Szyszko promoted the Polish postulate on using the forests to decrease CO2 concentration in air.

“The key objective of the Paris Agreement is to decrease CO2 concentration in air. We must deliver this target as soon, as least expensively and most effectively as possible. We may take two paths to succeed: firstly, emission reduction and secondly: CO2 sequestration from air by living ecosystems, such as soils and forests” – he said.

Minister of Environment emphasized that Poland wishes to propose the studies on economic conditions of carbon dioxide emission by its sequestration by forests and soils for global sustainable development.

“We must consider, whether sustainable development will benefit more from emission reduction or sequestration. Our activities in this area should be based on economic foundations” – he added.

Balancing CO2 emission by forests

The provision on decreasing CO2 concentration in air by balancing these emissions by forests was introduced to the Paris Agreement thanks to unique determination of the Polish delegates headed by Professor Jan Szyszko, Minister of Environment. Scientific studies demonstrate that by, among others, planting certain tree species, we are able to increase the forests capacity to absorb carbon dioxide. Pilot project of forest carbon farms in Poland has been scheduled for the years 2017-2020.

Poland applies for organization of COP24 summit

Minister Szyszko announced also that Poland wishes to organize the COP24 in 2018.

„Our goal is to organize the climate conference in 2018 – COP 24 – in Poland. This will show the priority importance of climate policy to our country” – said the minister.

Bilateral meetings

During the UN climate conference, Minister Szyszko held a number of bilateral meetings, including among others with the Ukrainian and Fiji delegations.



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