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Minister Szyszko holds the meeting with the General Secretary of the International Trade Union Congress

Emission reduction and creating new qualitative jobs are the key items of the meeting agenda between Professor Jan Szyszko, Minister of Environment, with Sharan Burrow, General Secretary of the International Trade Union Congress. The discussions were held on 16 November 2016 during the COP22 climate summit in Marrakesh.

Secretary Burrow appreciated the Polish transformation successes and enhancing the role of the forests. She suggested using the importance of pension contributions and labour funds in economic transformation, pointed out the investment trends imposing the changes of energy mix of the future and emphasized the role of education.

Minister Szyszko agreed with the need for protecting the jobs, in particular in rural areas, to which the operation of the State Forests contributes.

“Decreasing CO2 concentration by its absorption leads to better quality of water, air, soils, biodiversity protection, prevents hunger and migration. It is also a response to the problems faced by developing countries. Consumption of high-quality coal and use of more effective technologies lead to emission reduction” – said the minister.

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