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Invitation to collaboration on COP24

The BIP website of the Ministry of the Environment provides regulations pertaining to the use of the COP24 logotype and templates, as well as terms and conditions for the Conference Partners.

We invite all companies and institutions that would like to participate in the organisation of this year's COP24 Climate Summit – the 24th Session of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, held on the 3th to 14th of December in Katowice. 

The available terms and conditions of the partnership, the use of the COP24 logotype and the creation of promotional materials for entities are available at: https://bip.mos.gov.pl/cop-24/

Regulations concerning logotype and templates have been developed in order to maintain visual consistency related to the promotion of the Conference. In order to obtain a licence, you just need to apply in writing or by e-mail (applications are tantamount to acceptance of the terms, conditions and regulations) to the organisers in the chosen version and format. 

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