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COP22: discussion on financing the emission transformation of regions and cities

The Climate Summit for Local Leaders took place during the COP22 conference. The event was attended by Paweł Sałek, Vice-Minister of Environment and Government Plenipotentiary for Climate Policy.

The discussions held at the meeting of self-governmental representatives addressed the role of the regions and cities in the implementation of the Paris Agreement objectives and financing of these actions. The self-governmental representatives persuaded that the activities taken by the cities are of priority importance for decreasing greenhouse gas concentration in air.

In the course of the meeting, Vice-Minister Paweł Sałek announced that Poland will present its action plan for reducing greenhouse gas emission during COP22.

“We are focused on propagation of our postulate to use forests as a tool to reduce carbon dioxide concentration in air” – said Vice-Minister Sałek.

Balancing CO2 emission by forests

The provision on decreasing CO2 concentration in air by balancing these emissions by forests was introduced to the Paris Agreement thanks to unique determination of the Polish delegates headed by Professor Jan Szyszko, Minister of Environment. Scientific studies demonstrate that by, among others, planting certain tree species, we are able to increase the forests capacity to absorb carbon dioxide. Pilot project of forest carbon farms in Poland has been scheduled for the years 2017-2020.

 “Many UN Member States perceives the forests as the measure mitigating the climate changes. We are not alone in this belief. Forests are the least expensive, the best and most pro-environmental manner to sequestrate CO2 by living natural resources and should be extensively included in counteracting climate changes. In addition, forests translate into better soil and air quality, better water retention and response to the issue of concern for the Western Europe – species extinction” – pointed out the Minister.

COP22 conference

The Paris Agreement which will enter into force in 2020 was adopted during the COP21 climate conference in Paris, in December 2015. It obliges all states to take the actions towards climate protection. The subject-matter of this COP22 summit in Marrakesh is a discussion on the methods of implementation and delivery of the Paris Agreement.



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