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Appointment of the Expert Team for the Białowieża Forest

Today, Minister of Environment Henryk Kowalczyk appointed an expert team for the Białowieża Forest. The team will prepare a long-term plan for the Forest.

“The Białowieża Forest is a unique place and undoubtedly, it is necessary to take care of this national treasure. However, this needs to be done wisely and a balance needs to be found between active and passive protection of the area,” says Minister Kowalczyk. “Experts who have accepted invitations to work with the Ministry will try to find a compromise and prepare recommendations regarding the ways to protect the Białowieża Forest. Personally, I would like to learn the arguments of all the parties involved,” he added. “We call on environmental organisations to appoint their representatives.

The team is tasked with proposing directions, methods and ways to protect the Białowieża Forest. Based on the team’s recommendations and cooperation with the European Commission, the Minister of Environment will take further decisions concerning the protection of the Białowieża Forest. The newly established team consists of experts from various fields, including nature protection and forestry, scientists and foreign experts. In total, it will comprise 29 people.

"Next week, the first meeting of the expert team will take place”, said Vice-Minister Małgorzata Golińska. “During the meeting, the members will appoint the chairman and deputy chairman.”

Minister Henryk Kowalczyk declared the establishment of the expert team in connection with the decision of the Court of Justice of the European Union concerning protective measures in the Białowieża Forest.

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