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Director General, Beata Paziewska

Born in 1968. Graduate from the Agricultural Faculty with specialization in Soil Protection Environment of the Warsaw University of Life Sciences. Continuously associated to the Ministry of Environment since 1995. During her professional career, Beata Paziewska has held many responsible positions, including managerial ones. Two-time Director of the Minister’s Office and of the Department of Foreign Cooperation. Her scope of duties included coordination and supervision over international cooperation executed by the Ministry; supervision over HR issues, including recruitment processes and personal development of employees; coordination of cooperation with the Chancellery of Prime Minister, Chancellery of Seym and Senate and Joint Commission of the Government and Territorial Self-government; safeguarding the implementation of tasks listed in the agenda of Seym, Senate, Council of Ministers, Standing and European Committee of the Council of Ministers; co-organizing and coordinating the participation of the Minister of Environment in the sessions of the EU Environmental Council (ENVI) and execution of many other tasks.

Beata Paziewska served an internship in the Danish School of Public Administration and in the Department of Sustainable Development in the Ministry of Environment, Development and Regions of the United Kingdom, highlighted with publication entitled “Public Participation in Making Local Environmental Decision, The Aarhus Convention Newcastle Workshop”, Good Practice Handbook, developed by a team of internees delegated to the British Ministry and published in July 2000.

Participant of various trainings, conferences and seminars to extend knowledge and managerial skills, including among others: Female Manager Development Program organized under the ‘Enhancing Administrative Capacity’ programme implemented by the Office of Civil Service in Warsaw in cooperation with the UK National School of Government or administrative application course.

Beata Paziewska continues to enhance her skills and capacity in environmental protection. She attended among others such trainings as seminar for the Polish experts in environmental protection organized by the Wallonian – Polish Chamber of Commerce in cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Hainaut Province and Honorary Consul of the Republic of Poland in Wallonia, or training on promoting education development and awareness of actions taken by the V4 Group States in environmental protection organized by the Summer School in Olomouc under development of support and cooperation  between the Visegrad Group States (Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia).

She is fluent in English and communicative in Russian.

Interests: psychology, literature and poetry. Favourite form of relaxation is working in her summer house.

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