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24th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change / 14th Conference of the Parties serving as the meeting of the Parties to Kyoto Protocol will be held in Katowice, Poland from 3-14 December 2018.


The most important international climate change conference, which took place in Bonn and was presided over by Fiji has come to an end. Since the 6th of November, delegates from nearly 200 countries, as well as representatives of non-governmental and environmental organisations, cities and businesses discussed global climate policy. Polish delegation was led by Minister of Environment Professor Jan Szyszko. Read more The end of the COP23 UN Climate Change Conference
At the UN climate summit COP23 in Bonn, Professor Jan Szyszko, Minister of Environment, took part in a discussion on organic farming and its links with climate change. The event was organised by Hungary with the participation of France, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) and the International Food Policy Research Institute. Read more Organic agriculture at COP23
Only a joint, united action is a guarantee of the transition to a low-carbon and climate resilient development pathway for the benefit of future generations and the state of environment”, said Professor Jan Szyszko, Minister of Environment, during the meeting of the high level segment of the UN Climate Conference (COP23). Read more Professor Szyszko on joint action in response to climate change at COP23
In Bonn, where the 23rd United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP23) is taking place, a press conference was held to sum up two years of work by the Ministry of Environment since the establishment of the government of Prime Minister Beata Szydło. The meeting with the media, which took place on the 16th of November 2017, was attended by the Minister of Environment Professor Jan Szyszko, as well Vice-Minister of Environment Paweł Sałek. Read more #Good2Years in the Ministry of Environment
At the COP23 – the UN Climate Change Conference in Bonn – Professor Jan Szyszko, Minister of Environment, met on the 16th of November 2017 with George David Banks, climate advisor to the US President Donald Trump. Read more Polish-American talks on climate policy at COP23
During COP23 in Bonn, the Polish delegation presented Polish pro-ecological and innovative technologies. Many of them can make an effective contribution to climate change mitigation and adaptation. Read more Polish ecological technologies at COP23
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