Environmental arrangements for Racibórz – Minister Kraszewski in Silesia

Today’s meetings with Minister Kraszewski at Buków polder and in Katowice were attended by Zygmunt Łukaszczyk, the Governor of Silesia Voivodeship, and two representatives of the Ministry of the Environment: Piotr Otawski, Deputy General Director of the Environment Protection and Artur Wójcik, Director of the Regional Water Management Authority in Gliwice.

Minister Kraszewski informed, among others, about the acceleration of investments in connection with the completion of the next stage of its implementation – issue of the environmental decision for this undertaking in June this year by GDOŚ (Generalna Dyrekcja Ochrony Środowiska; General Directorate for Environmental Protection).

 “We are effectively executing subsequent stages of the investment and we are getting closer to the construction of an important reservoir, which will improve flood protection. Despite the necessary additions in the assessment of the impact on the environment - the works can continue without any obstacles.”

Issued by GDOŚ on 30 June this year, the environmental decision conditions the obtainment of any further necessary decisions and permits, including water legal permit and the authorization for the implementation of the investment. The environmental impact assessment will be supplemented at the same time as the application for additional necessary permits and will not affect the pace of works associated with the construction of the reservoir. As with the majority of large project, detailed environmental data require additional information, available only at the technical stage of the investment.

Minister Kraszewski also reminded that the implementation of such projects as the construction of the polder in Raciborz is supported by the new Act on special principles of the preparation for the implementation of the investment in flood control structures created on the initiative of the Ministry of the Environment. The Act simplifies the procedure for acquiring land for investment and reduces the number of necessary permits to one integrated permit for the implementation of an investment.

The investment entitled Zbiornik przeciwpowodziowy Racibórz Dolny na rzece Odrze w województwie śląskim (polder) (Reservoir Flood Racibórz Dolny on the Oder River in Silesia Voivodeship (polder)) has been implemented for several years. At the current stage, among others, the procedure of obtaining necessary administrative decisions, land acquisition, preparation of project and executive documentation are in progress.

The reservoir protect more than 2.5 million people against flood in, among others, Racibórz, Kędzierzyn – Koźle, Krapkowice, Opole, Brzeg, Oława and Wrocław, as well as in villages located in three voivodeships: Silesia, Opole and Lower Silesia.

Primarily, the polder will provide flood retention, or water retention, which will result in a significant reduction of its flows below the reservoir and thereby increase the effectiveness of the existing flood protection system (the possibility of stopping a part of the flood wave). In addition, the reservoir will delay the moment of the culmination wave reaching the mouth of Nysa Kłodzka. It will highly reduce the likelihood of two culmination waves being overlapped (which was the cause of the catastrophic losses in 1997).

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